A large pilot test i Bern

Since September 2018, about 2500 household in the capital of Switzerland, Bern, are participating in a large pilot test. Purpose of the test is to evaluation if source separation of household waste is the next step in the waste management strategy of the city. All participating households can separate mixed plastic waste, PET-bottles, metal packaging and other smaller metal waste, glass waste and residual trash in specially design bags. Paper and small carton goes into a specially designed paper bag, this is also one of the aims of the pilot test as a whole, to test different paper bags for their applicability.

Before the launch of the pilot test, many households had practical questions, like having enough space in the kitchen for containers to separate the waste, availability of the bags for the different waste fractions, how to sort etc. which were addressed during for example well-visited information events. Solutions like different types of bag holders for kitchen applications, the delivery of new bags and sorting guides were presented and discussed with the public. After a test period of about three months now, an overwhelming fraction of more than 90% of all participating households are satisfied or very satisfied with the system.

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