This is how we at Optibag calculate collected food waste amounts:

Total amount of sorted food waste of the municipality (in kg), divided by the number of inhabitants in the municipality.

The national collection goal for Sweden and EU for food waste counts for all households in a municipality – not only ”connected” households. If only “connected” households are counted, these indicators give a different value and cannot be used to qualify all households. The national targets are independent of the collection system applied in the municipality.

We believe it is important that all actors in the waste management business use the same standards and definitions when speaking about collected amounts of food waste. Otherwise, no comparison between different collection systems can be made.

The national target for food waste collection is set to 50 % for the year 2020. Municipalities that apply optical sorting have reached this target already today, Oslo being the only exception with a 46,4 % collection rate in the year 2017. However, for a capital city with 653.000 inhabitants, we still believe this is an exceptional achievement which is, to our knowledge, world-leading.