Increased international interest in Swedish Optibag concept.

Over the last few months Envac Optibag has noticed a massively increased interest in our unique concept for waste sorting. Several of visits to our plants in Sweden and Norway has lead to waste sorting trials in a number of countries. The trials show a large increase in recycling, higher quality and a decrease in transports by 40%. All together this shows the UN goals for 2030 can be achieved with Optibag’s already established technology.

Conventional technology has a built in divergence when it comes to source sorting and household garbage collection. The more fractions, the more bins and transports.

From an international persepecitve there seems to be an awakeing interest in finding solutions for household waste sorting without increasing the number of bins and transports. There’s simply not room for more garbage bins and the traffic situation doesn’t allow more transports.

Envac Optibag is now working intensively on several requests for plants in Europe and North America. Hopefully this will result in orders already this autumn.