Lower CO2 – emissions in waste collection with the Optibag technology than other collection systems

Future demands on waste collection will increas  and more and more fractions are to be excluded from “normal” household waste. While this may results in a battery of garbage bin in front of every property, Optibag allows reducing this to one single bin. Having various fractions source-separated and collected in one single bin allows optimizing the collection routes and the RCV’s collection volume is used to its full capacity. Only single-compartment RCV’s are used by existing clients of Optibag, eliminating costly investments for multi-compartments trucks needed for simultaneous collection routes for two bins.

For the City of Eskilstuna in Sweden, optical sorting using the Optibag principle results in every-other week collection of MSW which is up 50% lower than comparable collection system for source-separated MSW, such as the multi-bin or multi-compartment-in-bin system. These other technologies require weekly collection of some fractions and remaining fractions being collected the following, i.e. weekly collection.

Additionally, using Optibag principle with colour-coded bags is easily applied to the existing collection system, whether it consists of underground containers, bin or carts in the street or even waste suction systems.