Project Description

  • Norway

  • 2006

  • 15 000 tons/year

  • 70 800

  • Food waste in green bags
    Newspapers in red bags
    Paper packaging in orange bags
    Plastic packaging i blue bags
    Combustable waste in other bags.


In the 1990’s several different waste collection systems had been introduced as paper and food waste was to be collected separately. This meant an increased number of rubbage bins and and transports in Tromsø. As the municipality, situated in the northern part of Norway, has a large geographical collection area with lots of snow in the winters and roads that are difficult for large vehicles, waste collection became a problem. Tromsø started to look for an alternative where all fractions could be collected in one single bin. The choice fell on an underground vaccuum transporting system combined with optical sorting.

The solution

The main reason for choosing optical sorting was all household waste could be collected in one single bin. The municipality could keep its garbage vehicles and minimize aswell as streamline transports.

The plant, sorting five fractions is run by Remiks Husholdning AS. The plants is combined with a vaccuum collection system.