Textile diversion program using Optibag technology

Swedish evening news reported on Jan 6th about the success of collection textile waste in the City of Eskilstuna, Sweden with the Optibag technology. Inhabitants put their textiles into a purple bags which are  then diverted from the waste stream. Once diverted, the textiles are ready for recycling in close cooperation with charity organizations.
In the news report, it is stated that after about 6 month into the textiles program, almost 50% of the available textile waste is diverted using the Optibag principle. According to Mr Vesa Hiltula, Solid Waste Manager for Recycling in the City of Eskilstuna, the diversion program has been very well received by the population and waste analysis has shown that the collected textiles are clean and can be transferred to recycling without further processing. Another great success of the Optibag technology!

Watch the news and scroll to timestamp 20:21 (in Swedish only).

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