At the yearly waste congress in Biel, Switzerland, the city of Bern reported the first results form the ongoing test using with the bag-in-bin system using  coloured- bags.

In total, six different fractions are source-separated by the pilot participants and collected in different bags: glass bottles and containers, PET-bottles, mixed plastic waste, aluminum and small metal packaging, paper & carton as residual waste

The results from the initial waste characteristics (and compared to the reference case) have shown:

  • the amount of residual waste has gone down with about 20 per cent
  • the bags for glass bottles and containers works nicely and does not break, even if the glass inside is broken
  • the purity of separately collected fractions is very high,
  • a high customer satisfaction has been achieved with more than 90 percent of the participants being satisfied or very satisfied with the colour-sorting
  • distribution of bags works very well

Paper & carton is collected in paper bags and this bag will be optimised to make the closing of the bag easier for households. Optibag follows the test and we are in contact with the city to support if necessary.