Zero Waste in the US

Optibags system was mentioned in an article by the American company WasteZero. Their mission is to cut household waste by 50% across the United States. They work with cities and towns to help them reduce the financial and environmental costs of waste collection.

Their article about the advantages of source-separation with optical sorting concludes that while co-collection is not yet the norm in the United States, it would offer municipalities a tool to reduce collection costs while at the same time helping cities to get closer to “zero waste”.

Our system reduces truck routes, which is a problem for many cities in the Unites States. Today they have one truck that collects trash, another for recycling and a third for food waste. This means more traffic, more fuel mad more maintenance costs. If they instead use a co-collection system that only has one truck that picks up everything at the same time they will reduce cost and environmental footprint. Another benefit with Optibags system is that the system doesn’t have a limit on how many different recyclables that can be sorted.

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